Equity Fund
Fund Performance

2019 January
-0.97% -1.03% -1.96% -1.01%
3 Months
-0.53% 0.61% -0.34% 0.69%
Year to Date
(YTD 2019)
-0.97% -1.03% -1.96% -1.01%
Since Inception Cum.
59.64% 9.37% 4.00% 20.09%
Since Inception CAGR
6.98% 1.30% 0.57% 2.68%

Fund Facts
The GUARDIAN ACUITY EQUITY FUND is an open ended Unit Trust, where its investments would focus on medium to long term holdings of liquid, high growth stocks of well managed companies exposed to key economic sectors of the country.
Aim of the fund
To provide investors an opportunity to participate in the long term performance of Sri Lanka's equity market via investments with medium to long term capital growth potential.
Investment Objective
To achieve long term capital appreciation through prudently investing in a portfolio of listed shares
Proposed equity strategy of the fund
Investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks with exposure to growth sectors of the economy
Investments conducted as per Securities and Exchange Commission guidelines, which may occasionally be subject to changes
The fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of companies to maximise performance
Factors considered when selecting equity investments
Bottom-up stock selection process
Above-average growth potential given the prevailing economic conditions
Sustainability of the investee company's business model
Its capacity to generate steady positive cash-flows
The dynamism of the management team
The Fund's investments will be subject to changes in prices of equity investments from time to time. As such the ability of the Fund to achieve its investment objectives will depend on the performance of the equity market, interest rate environment and overall economy. The Unit price of the Fund can increase as well as decrease depending on the performance of its investments.

Trading on the stock exchange as a whole is subject to the level of liquidity of the market, which at times could be low especially if faced with volatility due to external developments. This liquidity situation may inhibit the Fund's ability to obtain shares in quantity without having a marked effect on the shares' market price and may further prevent the Fund from being able to liquidate a position at the prevailing market price.
   Explanatory Memorandum
 Investment Objective Medium to Long Term Growth
 Minimum Subscription Rs. 1,000
 Fund Structure Open ended - Daily Valuation
 Switching Allowed
 Dividend None
The fee structure is given below:
Management Fee 2.25%
Trustee Fee 0.25% + LKR15,000 per month
Front Load 0%
Exit Fee 2% in first year, 0% thereafter

The Securities and Exchange Commission has granted the license to Guardian Acuity Asset Management to operate:

"Guardian Acuity Money Market Fund" and "Guardian Acuity Equity Fund" in terms of Section 31 C of the SEC Act No.36 of 1987 as amended.
Trustee and Custodian:
Authorized Distributor:

HNB is the ditributor for this product and is not liable for repayment of the investments.