We strongly recommend that you understand how Unit Trusts work and read the respective fund memorandum(s) plus information fact sheet(s) carefully before investing, so that you better comprehend the return and risk characteristics of your investment.

Once you have decided to invest in a Guardian Acuity Unit Trust Fund, to start the investment process, you can either get in touch with one of our investment advisors or you could complete the process independently by yourself using the Investor Portal.



You can make the investment to any one of our collection accounts below;

Account Name


Hatton NationalBank


City Office Branch

Commercial Bank


Foreign Branch



W A D Ramanayake Mawatha

Nations Trust Bank


Corporate Branch

Sampath Bank


Chatham Street Branch

Online transfers are acceptable as long as a copy of the transfer receipt is provided.

Payments to be made by bank draft or cheques crossed "A/C payee only" payable to "Guardian Acuity Asset Management Limited" as below.

Important :
Note that although the investment has been made by depositing money to one of our collection accounts, you will only be recognized as a Unit Holder and Units will only be created AFTER THE INTERNAL VERIFICATION (KYC PROCESS) of documents submitted. In the event where the documents submitted fails the internal verification, the original investment made will be returned in full.

To start investing investors are required to submit the subscription form along with the support documents and copy of payment slip.

If you wish to complete the process manually, download the subscription form here
If you wish to invest via our online portal, click here

Support documents to validate KYC include;

For individuals;
a copy of your NIC or passport
Copy of Billing Proof

For listed corporates;
Latest Annual Report
Copy of board resolution/power of attorney
Certified copies of Articles of Association and Form 13
List of authorized signatories to operate the account/s

For other corporates;

Certified copies of Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association and Form 13
Certified copy of Board Resolution/Power of Attorney
List of authorized signatories to operate the account
Name and address of top 10 shareholders/members
Name, Address, NIC/Passport No: and Occupation of Directors

Send us your documents via;

Our investment advisors

FAX 011 2439777

Level 5, No: 61 Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 01

Level 5, No: 53, Acuity Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 03.

Before creating the investor profile and units representing the investment, our operations team reviews and verifies all documents to ensure everything is in order and accurate.
Upon successful verification and after realization of funds in our collection accounts we will create units.

Subsequent Subscription

You can make subsequent subscriptions either from your online account or by sending us a copy of the subscription form along with a copy of the deposit slip via e-mail or or FAX 011 24397777.


To redeem funds, you have to make a redemption request either via your online account or by e-mailing or Faxing a signed copy of redemption form along with a signed copy of the NIC or passport. You can redeem funds within a period of 1 to 3 working days .

Switching Between Funds

To switch your investment between funds, you have to make a request either via your online account or by E-mailing or Faxing a signed copy of the switching form.


When investing in a Unit Trust Fund, investors can gain exposure to diverse securities with a single investment.
For example, an Equity Unit Trust Fund investor will gain exposure to all the stocks in the fund portfolio with a single investment. Similarly, an investor in the Money Market Fund will gain exposure to all the fixed income securities the portfolio is invested in, such as Fixed Deposits, Commercial Papers etc.
Compared to separately investing in different instruments, this is much more efficient in terms of cost.


The minimum investment for Guardian Acuity Unit Trust funds is only Rs. 1000. Thus, an investor can be part of a substantial fund with a small investment and benefit from relatively high yields. Because the overall fund sizes are large, investors can benefit from greater scale.For instance, the scale that comes with a larger fund size allows fund managers to negotiate for better rates and prices from financial institutions.


Investment decisions are made by a team of qualified fund managers who possess professional expertise in specific asset classes. The fund managers supported by a thorough research and analysis. Thus, it takes the burden off the investor to track market movements and rebalance their portfolios accordingly.


Units can be bought and sold any business day, so you have easy access to your money.

Get In Touch with our Investment Advisors

Guardian Acuity Hotline

011 74 34 734

077 12 34 358

General Contact

011 24 49 500

Registered Office

61, Janadhipathi Mawatha,
Colombo 01.

Corporate Office

Acuity House, Level 5,
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