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Guardian Acuity
Money Market Fund

We can help you to earn an extra income by earning an attractive interest than similar investment options while enjoying the flexibility to withdraw anytime with our Money Market Unit trust fund allowing you to manage your working capital effectively.

With our Money Market Fund you can enjoy

An attractive interest rate that gives you an extra income

Ability to withdraw anytime

An Ideal tool to manage your working capital

Funds Facts


2021 October

  • * Fund : 0.43%
  • ** NDBIB - CRISIL 91 T- BILL INDEX : 0.40%

Year to Date(YTD 2021)

  • * Fund : 4.06%
  • ** NDBIB - CRISIL 91 T- BILL INDEX : 3.76%

Since Inception Cumulative

  • * Fund : 142.23%
  • ** NDBIB - CRISIL 91 T- BILL INDEX : 111.21%
  • * CAGR : 9.57%

*Performance of the fund are based on month end prices as of 31st October 2021. Unit Trust returns are variable and subject to change. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the Explanatory Memorandum and the risks associated before investing. Investors should consider the fees and the charges involved.

**There are no fixed income formal published benchmarks available in the country aside for the NDBIB-CRISIL 91 T-BILL INDEX and for that reason we have used the NDBIB-CRISIL 91 T-BILL INDEX as a comparator

Inception Date February 2012
Fund Size (31st October 2021) LKR 2,578.32Mn
Investment Objective To maximize fund yield at a relatively low risk level
Minimum Investment LKR 1,000
Trustee Deutsche Bank
Management Fee 0.60% per annum
Trustee Fee 0.15% per annum